Day 1, 8 MAY

Plenary session 1 (Round table) : AEO Programme as a Key Driver for Economic Growth and Security

Edward Kieswetter

Selina Clarke-Graham

Helena Borges

Yuning Sun

Bashir Adewale Adeniyi

Keynote Speech

Haitao MA see presentation

Plenary session 2: Advancing Women Empowerment through AEO Programmes: Addressing Gender Related Barriers in Global Trade

Rae Vivier

Rosa Avila see presentation

Vianney Lesaffre see presentation

Brendan Pearce see presentation

Yingjie Dang see presentation

Nnenna Ugo Awa see presentation

Plenary session 3: AEO Programmes in Smart Customs: Leveraging Data Analytics and Emerging Technologies for Better Risk Management and Trade Facilitation

FABIANO DINIZ see presentation

Rathakrishnan Ananth see presentation

Werner Rens see presentation

Long Xu see presentation

Hui Zhang see presentation

Mohammad Ehteshamul Hoque

Keynote Speech

Qiang Li

Plenary session 4 : Global Recognition and Harmonization of AEO Programmes: Challenges and Opportunities for Customs and Businesses

Susan Thomas

Saud K. AlMuflih

Ngoanamokgotho Maggie Tladi see presentation

Louisa Bentley

Fauziah Abdul Sani see presentation

Day 2, 9 MAY

Keynote Speech


Plenary session 5: Assessing the Impact of the AEO Programme: Measuring the Benefits

Perreau De Pinninck Fernando

Michael Lawrence see presentation

Rae Vivier see presentation

Tetsuro Ito see presentation

Meric Kelleci see presentation

Stream A1: The Role of AEO Programme in Supporting E-Commerce and Cross-Border Trade in the Digital Age


Duck-Gi KIM see presentation

Christophe PEREIRA see presentation

Mohammad Ehteshamul Hoque

Veerle Dierendonck see presentation

Chao Cheng see presentation

Wang Congbo see presentation

Stream B1: Expanding the AEO Programme to Free Zones: Opportunities and Challenges for Customs and Businesses


Yuta Takanabe

Rosa Avila see presentation


Rizvi Mohammad Salahuddin see presentation

Leonor Sanhueza see presentation

Mythili Narayanan see presentation

Stream C1: Strengthening Customs Administration and International Trade through Fostering an AEO Culture


Juan Diego Chavarria

Víctor José Pérez Rodas see presentation

Larry Liza

Mark Isaacson

BIN YAN see presentation

Eman Badr Alsuwaidi see presentation

Stream A2: AEO Programmes and Customs Modernization: Lessons Learned and Best Practices


Emmanuelle Ganne see presentation

Paul He see presentation

Fenglai zhou

Gordon Wright

Hong Thi Khanh NGUYEN see presentation

Vera NA see presentation

Stream B2: Can AEO Programmes Support Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Global Trade?


Carlos Ochoa

Nicolas DUTHILLEUL see presentation

Lalith Dussantha see presentation

Richard Bargh see presentation

Chunfeng Li see presentation

Stream C2: AEO Programmes in a Post-Pandemic World: Adapting to Change, Building Resilience, and Expanding Opportunities


Lazzat Daniyarova

Tim Fitzgerald see presentation

Maria Yasmin M. Obillos-Mapa see presentation

Matthias Petschke

Dan Liu see presentation

Narella Lei see presentation

Keynote Speech

Yiwen Song

Plenary session 6 (Round table) : The Future of AEO Programme: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities for Customs, Businesses, and Society in the Next Decade

Richard Bargh

Yasmeen Elahi

Karen Wilson

Samuel Bautista

Beiwei Qiu

Stéphane Graber

Day 3, 10 MAY

Plenary session 7: AEO and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs): Addressing Challenges and Promoting Participation

Emmanuelle Ganne

Simon Lee see presentation

Florence Binta Diao-Gueye

Vladimir Ilic see presentation

Matthias Petschke see presentation

Plenary session 8: Coordinating AEO Programmes with Other Agencies: Strategies for Improved Compliance and Enforcement

Samson URIDIA see presenatation

Tim Fitzgerald

Lei WANG see presenatation

Afidah Ab Aziz see presenatation

Ross Lockie see presenatation