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AUSCA INTERNATIONAL OILS AND GRAINS CO., LTD was established in August 2020, is a set of edible vegetable oil, vegetable protein and phospholipid products research and development, production, processing. domestic and international production, trade and marketing as one of the integrated grain and oil processing enterprises. The speed of plant construction in only six and a half months, the fastest speed of plant construction in the industry.

It is the first pilot enterprise in China that enjoys the policy of exempting import tariffs for 30% of value-added processing and is also a key investment project of Yangpu Economic Development Zone.

The company integrates informatization and industrialization in depth. using big data, industrial Internet, enterprise cloud and other technologies to achieve digital and visual management of factories.It has a canola/soybean production line with an annual processing capacity of 1 million tons, an oil refining line with an annual processing capacity of 300,000 tons and a packaging oil production line with an annual processing capacity of 160,000 tons, which drives the construction and development of related industries, and promotes the clustering of international bulk food processing and trade industry in Yangpu Economic Development Zone.

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Founded in 2012 and certified to ISO 9001:2015, Biointron is a CRO specializing in antibody discovery, optimization, and expression services for global biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Biointron holds a leading position in the antibody expression industry. From gene sequence to purified antibodies, it only takes 2 weeks. We have delivered tens of thousands of recombinant antibodies for more than 1,500 biotech and pharma companies worldwide.

We provide a one-stop solution for antibody discovery and optimization – including VHH antibody discovery, single B-cell antibody screening, hybridoma sequencing, antibody humanization, antibody affinity maturation, and more.

Additionally, Biointron holds global sublicensing rights for ECACC's CHO-K1. Our CHOK1BN cell line, which is derived from CHOK1, has been filed in the DMF system with the US FDA. By choosing the CHOK1BN cell line, several partners’ projects have entered the multicenter international clinical trials successfully.

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Global Trade Solution (GTS) has been providing innovative Solutions and Consulting Services to the International Trade and Supply Chain community throughout the African continent and across the globe for more than 23 years.

Our mission is to fundamentally transform the way companies manage their international trade activities through the use of international benchmarked processes and technology-driven modernisation. Our goal is to create business value for our clients by improving margins, achieving greater agility and lowering the overall business risk.

Our solutions ensure compliance to the myriad of legislative requirements that impact international trade activities across the globe. These include compliance to the various World Customs instruments of Harmonized Tariff, Origin and Valuation Determination (which we have duped the Trilogy of Trade), all of which are critical in the management of the international trading activities.

Modernising and digitizing participation in the various country or regional AEO programmes forms part of vision and deliverables in order to build a holistic and ongoing compliance framework for the various role players within the international supply chain eco system.

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Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World" is OPPO's mission. The "Smiley Face" A103, which had a smiley face on its back formed by the rear camera and flash, was launched in 2008—the first time we introduced the kindness of technology.

Founded in 2004, OPPO is one of the world's leading innovators of smart devices. With operations in over 60 countries and regions, OPPO's more than 260,000 points of sales and 3,100 official service centers share the beauty of technology with users all over the world.

OPPO then launched Find N folding series, Find X Imaging series flagship smartphone, and other smart devices such as OPPO Watch, OPPO Pad and TWS earphones consistently to explore the technological charm of new forms of design.

Every day, our 48,000 employees put their heart and soul into exploring the possibilities of humanistic technology.

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