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Jointech specializing in the cross-border transit cargo monitoring solution for different customs, we've been particularly successful implemented more than 30 customs ECTS project around the world, we found that most of the customs are still using the traditional seals to manage the transit cargo, so there will always be a series of headaches such as cargo theft, smuggling, drug trafficking, in addition, it's hard to assess whether the actual goods that have been released for customs transit have in effect reached their proper destination...etc. which made the officials frustrated and extremely busy in dealing with those audits, due to there is no efficient tool, it always lead to congestion at the borders, some even take up to several months, which not only effect the supervision efficiency, but also increase the operation cost of the end user, we've been able to help those customs to reduce physical escorts and examination times, enhance transparency of goods delivery, minimize uninterrupted movement of goods.

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Misr Technology Services “MTS” is a shareholding company that is established in partnership between the Private and Public sectors in Egypt. The company specializes in providing ICT solutions and integration services for trade across borders. 

MTS experience started as early as 1998 in Egypt through implementing integrated solutions for the Customs Authority, Control Agencies, Shipping Agents, Port Authorities, and Container Terminals. Such projects empowered the MTS team with holistic business and technical hands-on experience. Thus, MTS was assigned to engage in an Egyptian national digitalization project by developing, implementing, operating, and managing the National Single Window for Trade Across Borders project in Egypt (AKA “NAFEZA”) in 2018.

NAFEZA is a centralized platform that represents the single point of entry for all Egyptian foreign trade transactions. On one side, NAFEZA enables foreign trade stakeholders (e.g., banks, shipping lines, importers, exporters, and brokers) to submit the necessary documents to release imported and exported shipments electronically. On the other side, NAFEZA governs the cargo clearance procedures among the designated government agencies in a transparent manner using streamlined workflows. The platform enables the trade and business community to follow up on their business transactions at all stages via various channels. 

NAFEZA aligns with the international standards of the Single Window systems as defined by the World Trade Organization and the Customs Data Model by the World Customs Organization. 

The platform leverages cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, blockchain, digital signatures along with e-tokens, machine learning, artificial intelligence, internet-of-things, and robotic process automation to provide secure and robust services throughout the entire cargo clearance cycle. 

NAFEZA platform hosts a full suite of business applications that automate the business cycle of the trade transaction prior to shipping the cargo from the port of exportation all the way till the cargo is cleared at the country of importation. 

The business applications include key features that include Advance Cargo Information processing, Risk Management, Exporter Verification (using “KYC” and Customer Verification), PDF Invoices Transformation to Structured Data, Blockchain document transfer from the source (i.e., exporter), Payments Consolidation, Smart Valuation, and other features. 

NAFEZA has been operational since March 2019. Currently, it operates in 46 posts on a 24/7 basis, hosts 32 government agencies, and processes more than 5,000 import/export transactions daily that serve the trade community, which includes more than 100,000 traders. 

The National Single Window for Egypt’s Trade Across Borders “NAFEZA” succeeded in transforming Egypt into one virtual hub for international trade. 

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Established in 2002, Sailun Group Co. Ltd. (Stock Code: 601058) is the first A-share listed private tire enterprise in China, and the first enterprise who established Offshoring business in various markets including Asian-Pacific, North America and Europe. In 2023, Sailun achieved revenue of USD3.6 billions, which ranks the 1st position in listed tire companies of China and  the 10th globally.

Sailun had successively undertaken National Engineering Research Center for Rubber and Tire (NERCRAT), National Engineering Laboratory for Advanced Tire Equipment and Key Materials, National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Giant OTR Engineering Radial Tire and New Material Application, and State Recognized Enterprise Technology Center, etc.

Sailun is the member of WCO RPSG-AP.

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Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd. (ZMC) founded in 1954, is staffed with over 6,000 employees worldwide and has over 50 years of manufacturing experience. ZMC is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of medicine products, APIs and intermediates, human and animal nutritional products, synthetic perfumes. ZMC is the global leading supplier of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Fish oil, CoQ10, Carotenoids and Vancomycin.

ZMC operates occupational health, safety and environment protection management systems that are compliant with ISO14001 and ISO45001 standards. The APIs facilities have passed the cGMP audits of German BGV, Australian TGA, PMDA, WHO and US FDA. ZMC’s human nutrition products have been certified or verified by USP DIVP, HACCP and ISO22001. Natural origin products comply with IP certification, and animal nutritional products comply with FAMI-QS or GMP+ certification. The FDFs manufacturing facilities are designed and built to meet not only NMPA requirements but also international regulatory requirements. The products are competitive both on quality and cost.

 ZMC is committed to its corporate mission of “Caring for Human Health” by making every effort to offer products with best quality and reliable service to our clients.

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