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The registration package includes registration, access to the conference hall and exhibition area, 1 cocktail reception, 5 coffee breaks, 3 lunches, and 2 dinners.

The package does not cover transportation and hotel costs, as well as daily expenses before, during, and after the Conference.

These should be borne by the participants themselves/their administrations.

To ensure the formalities of your visa issuance, we strongly recommend you to complete the registration procedures as soon as possible, and to book your accommodation duly. 

The registered (with confirmation email) participants can proceed as below:
If you need an invitation letter, please send your personal information (nationality, date of birth, passport number, and gender) to this Email address: 

Note: For media registration please contact us at

Thank you for your cooperation.


Please ensure that all fields of the form below are completed accurately. Incomplete or inappropriate information may result in your registration not being approved.

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The registered (with confirmation email) participants can proceed as below:
If you need an invitation letter, please send the relevant information (surname, given name, nationality, date of birth, passport number, gender, and the Chinese Embassy/Consulate you intend to apply for the visa) to this Email address:
Moreover, if you inform us to which Chinese Embassy/Consulate you would apply for the visa, we could send the invitation letter to the corresponding Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your country to facilitate your visa process.
Please make sure all the information provided is consistent with your passport, or the invitation letter could be invalid.
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